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It's not all flora and fauna ... there is way too much plastic

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Cefn Garthenor, like I suspect many farms, is littered with plastic. Around the tracks and old quarry, where silage and hay bales were stored, there is a lot of black plastic silage wrap. It is largely buried in the mud, with odd bits showing, or tangled in the hedges. If you are lucky, you start to pull and it keeps coming (very satisfying!), but more likely it starts to break up and is a pain to get out in just a few pieces. The longer it has been there, the more fragile it becomes. It is clearly a disaster for our wildlife, and I hate it with a vengeance.

Over the weekend, Emma and Chris worked their fingers to the bone … including a three-hour black wrap pulling session around the old quarry. Trojans!


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