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First calf ... a beautiful blue grey

Very excited to get a call from Julia, who, with her husband Robert, checks up on the Galloways when I’m not around. She gave me the good news … my oldest cow had given birth to her calf. Robert characterised her as “chunky”. Unbelievable. I immediately struck him off the Christmas card list.

Robert redeemed himself a little that evening by going back to check she was suckling well, which she was. She is a “blue grey” which makes her sound like something off a Farrow & Ball paint chart, but actually marks her as a cross between her Whitebred Shorthorn father and her Galloway mother. Looks like her paint tin still needs shaking as definitely sections of white then black as opposed to a mix!

Got my first sight on Friday night, and she is gorgeous. Eye lashes to die for. The other heifers are very interested in her, in a friendly way, and her mother protective. Enough of that … those Galloways (plus new Blue Grey, or more accurately Black & White) have a job to do.

Two of the 10 I bought were in calf, so one more due. That is from one of the older heifers in March.


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