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Spring is Sprung (or at least Springing)

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

This month has seen more vigorous signs of new growth at Cefn Garthenor. Daffodils and snow drops were out in March, but now we have a bit more going on. Yellow in the fields with lesser celandine (top right and mid right) and dandelions, primroses (top centre) on the banks of the bridleway, gorse (bottom centre) and blackthorn (bottom right) in flower, and the sallow willows budding (bottom left). We also have first our dog violets (mid left) and greater stitchwort (top left) coming into flower. And (not really a sign of spring, but pretty) some scarlet elf cup (mid centre).

Hope that come May / June we will have more in the way of wild flowers than last year.

With a bit of sun on a south facing field, the gals have been enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation … I found them all lying down on Saturday morning. They had the right idea, so I joined them!


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